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JetPeel3 hydro-dermabrasion treatments are simply quite amazing. It is sure to give you the best skin exfoliation and skin plumping you have ever had and most importantly, it is chemical free. Utilising the healing powers of water and oxygen to achieve a smoother, more hydrated and healthier skin. 

It works by using a high pressurised oxygen jet to accelerate sterilised water at a supersonic rate, through a hand held nossel, onto the skin. This creates micro fine water droplets that strike the skin and effortlessly buff away dead skin cells, improving circulation in an instant and creating a level of humidity ideal for toning the skin as well as deeply moisturising the skin. This super saturation of natures two fundamental ingredients, water and oxygen, are essential for cell growth and repair, stimulating collagen growth and keeping the skin firm and supple. The amazing thing about JetPeel hydro-dermabrasion is that just after one treatment your skin will look and feel incredibly refined, deeply hydrated, refreshed and smooth. JetPeel hydro-dermabrasion and resurfacing treatments are perfect for improving the appearance of multiple skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, scaring, acne, comedones, congestion, milia, unwanted pigmentation, age spots and puffy eyes. In more serious cases of acne scaring, deeper wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation, a tailored treatment of resurfacing can be created to suit the individual to achieve desired results.

JetPeel hydro-dermabrasion treatments are becoming the most preferred skin rejuvenation treatment in the entire world. This amazing machine is state-of-the-art technology in skin rejuvenation.

During the course of this treatment, oxygen is also naturally infused into the skins surface to recharge and revitalise skin cells thus helping your body to produce new collagen for truly effective skin rejuvenation results, proven to be extremely healing, destroys anaerobic bacteria in the skin, increases micro-circulation promoting induction of healthier skin tissue.  



Specifically for skin rejuvenation, deep pore skin cleansing and treatment of fine lines 

Hydro-dermabrasion Treatments  

With this divine state-of-the-art  facial experience is smoothed, hydrated and refined. Can replace for your usual monthly facial. 

You may also be tempted to add-in other treatments such as lymphatic jet drainage to help drain away dark under eye circles and keep the skin healthy by moving toxin build up in the lymph from the facial area.


I recommend the first TWO treatments are ONE week apart, then regular sessions every THREE or FOUR weeks for optimised results longer term, the more you have the better the skin gets over time.

Consultation only $50 donation (can add into initial treatment)

Face $100 donation allow 20mins (website deal donation $70) *conditions may apply

Face & Neck $130 allow 30minutes (website deal donation $90) *conditions may apply

Face, Neck and Décolletage $160 allow 40 minutes (website deal donation $110) *conditions may apply


ADD IN MASSAGE extra $25 donation

ADD IN LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE extra $25 donation

ADD IN MASK extra $25 - $35 donation



JetPeel3 Skin ResurfacingTreatments                                                  JetPeel3 resurfacing treatments are fantastic for removing unwanted pigmentation spots or melasma. Also fantastic for greatly reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving the appearance of the skin tone and texture. It may take just one 15 minute treatment to remove a spot completely, however sometimes it may take more treatments depending on a number of factors.


Consultation $50 donation 

Treatment cost per 15 minute slot $90

Prices per area per individual assessment is on application at consultation

resurface any area donations as follows


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